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Humans in Ahangaran


Hi, Ahangaran!

We have 2 points of sale in Ahangaran. The major one is located at Ahangaran CCU. In just 2 minutes we will issue you a SIM card for free together with a Humans VISA bank card with no service fees. You can top up your account with cash using the terminals with no commission. You can also get a Humans SIM card at one of our partner sales points in Ahangaran:

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New sales and top-up points in the city

c. Ahangaran district, microdistrict 3, house 3

c. Ahangaran, st. Amir Temur, 15

c. Ahangaran, Amir Temur street

c. Ahangaran, Istirohat park

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Order a SIM card on our website, and we will deliver it together with a Humans VISA bank card to anywhere in Uzbekistan.

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