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keshbek HUMANS Visa kartasidan

metro va avtobusga to'lovlar uchun

Bu kuz Toshkent, Andijon, Samarqand va Navoiyda

Unique bank card

International VISA card with an account in UZS

Accepted in UzCard and HUMO terminals

Top-up without commission from any card and payment systems

Cashback from 2% for any purchases


Qanday qilib HUMANS Visa kartasini qo'lga kiritish mumkin


Kartani bepul Humans sotuv nuqtalarida qo'lga kiritish mumkin


Online buyurtma bering.
Buning uchun siz shunchaki Humans raqamini tanlashingiz kerak va biz sizga SIM karta va bank kartasini bepul yetkazib beramiz.

Order a bank card

Joining to HUMANS, you will receive a SIM card and a HUMANS Visa bank card for free

Other numbers

Delivery is free. If you don't want to wait for delivery, you can come to any HUMANS point of sale and get your order there. Just warn the operator about this when he calls to confirm the order.

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The main things about HUMANS Visa

VISA card with UZS account

Free service

Pay without commission

No bank deposit requirements

Fast card issue and delivery

Cash withdrawal

Virtual Humans VISA card