Humans VISA bank card

Humans VISA bank card

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We have launched a Humans bank card of the VISA payment system with an account in soms. The card is accepted not only in stores all over Uzbekistan, but also everywhere else in the world.

We issue a card for free and do not charge any service fees. You don't even need to keep a deposit on it. SMS notifications are also completely free.

We have merged your bank card account with your mobile account. You can top up your Humans VISA card by entering the phone number on the website or in the app.

We do not charge any commission for topping up your Humans account from any other bank card.

You can transfer money from one Humans account to another without commission. Just enter the recipient's phone number on the website or in the app.

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Virtual Humans card

Pay for goods and services in online shops. Transfer and receive money anywhere in the world using just your card number.

How to activate a SIM card and a Humans VISA bank card

How to top up a mobile account or a Humans bank card account?

How can I pay with Humans VISA card in stores around the world?