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Technology with a human touch

HUMANS in Tashkent

HUMANS is not just a mobile network, it’s a connection between people. With us, you will always be close to those who you love. You will always be aloqada.

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Super Zero

Free communication with the Super Zero plan with no subscription fee: 20 minutes of calls to HUMANS numbers and 33 MB of Telegram access every day.


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Pay only for the services you really need.

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Custom phone number

Choose a vanity phone number out of 10 million combinations.

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A Visa card in soms — free maintenance, no deposit, and no fees.

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With HUMANS, you get cashback on all purchase: not only on payments for goods and services, but also for utility bills.

Free transactions

Top up HUMANS Visa card from cards of other banks with no fees. Transfer money between Uzcard, HUMO, and HUMANS Visa cards with no fees.

Our offices are located in shopping malls and chain grocery stores. We will immediately issue a SIM card and HUMANS Visa card for free.

Sales and top-up points:

Toshkent, Yashnobod tumani, Mirzo Ulug‘bek shoh ko‘chasi, 10-uy, mo'ljal: Wunderkind xususiy maktabi

Toshkent, Yunusobod tumani, Markaz 2, 24a-uy.

Toshkent, Yashnobod tumani, mo'ljal: Parkent yo‘li va Oltintepa koʻchalari chorrahasida, “Korzinka Oltintepa”

Toshkent, Sergeli tumani, Sergeli-8 y/m, Yangi Sergeli ko'ch., 8/1

Toshkent, Mirobod tumani, Farg‘ona yo‘li va Yangi Qo'yliq koʻchalari chorrahasi, “Korzinka Fayzobod”

Stay aloqada

Transfer money, pay for services, call your family and friends, get cashback — all in one app. With HUMANS you are always in touch.

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