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We’re making services cheaper, easier and with a human touch:

Bank card, mobile carrier and money transfers

Bank card that is easy to earn with

Free Humans VISA card with 2% to 20% cashback

VISA card with UZS account

Free service

Pay without commission

No bank deposit requirements

Fast card issue and delivery

Earn with Humans

Familiar payments that help you earn

Easier than in regular banks

Calls and data that you can have for free

Order a SIM card

We don't have usual tariffs

Few callsLots of data

Little dataLots of calls


Longer packages save you more money:
90, 180 and 360 days

– 50 %
– 25 %
– 20 %
Set your package

Custom phone number can be paid with cashback

Unique offers

Unlimited calls

Unlimited calls

Within Humans network

Unlimited and free Telegram

Unlimited and free Telegram

When buying any service package with data

Transfers that can save money

Free and instant transfers within Humans by phone number

0% commission for Humans-Humans and HUMO-HUMO transfers, the rest being charged at 0.25% commission

Commission-free money transfers from Russia to Uzbekistan

Cashback that is easier to earn

How to use cashback?

How to use cashback
Get a smartphone or services
Pay for data package
Pay for Humans mobile services
Buy a custom phone number
Unlimited Youtube
Unlimited Instagram
Unlimited WhatsApp
Learn more

How to get cashback?

How to get cashback
Pay for goods and services
Get Humans mobile services
Top up Humans account
Keep money on Humans account
Buy a custom phone number
Transfer money
Calculate my Humans cashback

Share cashback with close ones

Join Humans

+1 000 UZS

Bonus × 2

24/7 support

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