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Mobile network and the Internet, messengers, money transfers, payments, and bank cards — it’s almost impossible to imagine modern life without all this.
The world is changing, but we still appreciate warmth and care — modern services help us communicate with family and friends, help them, no matter if you’re close or far away. Communication is more than just technology. It’s a connection between people.
In Uzbekistan, we call it "aloqada", which means to keep in touch, to be connected. This word conveys the desire for every Uzbekistani to be close to those they love and care for.
You can help not only in words but also in deeds: transfer money to your mother when needed, pay for mobile bills and utility services on time, call your family at any moment, or buy a gift for your loved one on occasion or just because.
At HUMANS, we have united all the services you need to make it easier for you to stay aloqada.
They turned out be more accessible in one app than separately, and some of them are even free.
More services — more opportunities to help, share, and give something without asking for anything in return. This is the true aloqada.
Super VIP:
unlimited everything
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Super VIP: unlimited everything
  • Unlimited calls to any number within the country
  • Unlimited internet and apps
  • Increased limit for fee-free transfers: up to 10 million UZS/month
Hurry up to activate the plan until March 15, 2024, for 30 days. It will be renewed for 90 days afterwards.
Most flexible
and transparent plans
Most flexible and transparent plans
At HUMANS, you choose how much you pay for mobile services a month: from totally free services to unlimited everything.
Free services with
Super Zero
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Free services with Super Zero
  • Free mobile services
  • Fee-free transfers between any cards
  • Free access to the HUMANS app
  • Free access to payment apps
New cashback
New cashback opportunities
Get cashback by paying for utility bills, mobile and other services. We even give cashback on the money you keep on your account at a rate of 35% per annum every day.

Send the cashback to your loved ones or use it to pay for a custom phone number, mobile services, or gadgets right in the app – get them for free, just for cashback.
HUMANS Visa card
with a high cashback
HUMANS Visa card with cashback
Free Visa card with sums – no fees, no deposit, free maintenance, and with 2%-20% cashback on purchases both online and offline, around the country and beyond.
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