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Banking, shopping and mobile services in a single app

We are Humans. We wanted to make things a little more convenient for you, so we came up with something that no other company has done before. A combined banking and mobile phone services solution. Everything you need, on one handy app. What's more, every time you spend with Humans, we'll give you instant cashback on everything.

You can pick up your SIM-card in just two minutes from any of our outlets, or order 72h delivery. Wherever you are in Uzbekistan, we'll deliver for free.

Humans. Everything with a human touch.

Everything with a human touch

Mobile services

Here's a gamechanger. Now you can choose as much data and as many minutes as you want. We won't tie you down to any data pack, but if you wish, you may as well get unlimited mobile services for three, ten or thirty days.We provide unlimited Telegram for free when buying any service package with gigabytes.
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Unlimited access to your favorite apps

We have created something unique for you: for the first time in Uzbekistan, you can buy unlimited access to instant messengers, social networks, music applications, and video services. It's really easy - get unlimited data for your favorite apps.For instance, for 25 000 UZS you can get unlimited Instagram and YouTube for a month.
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Custom phone numbers

All Humans phone numbers start with +998 (33). You can choose one of ten million available in the app or on our website.We are offering two payment methods for your custom phone number – to pay at once or in instalments. You can also get back to a regular phone number.

Unique offers

Unlimited Telegram as a gift

Unlimited Telegram as a gift

When buying any service package with gigabytes

Unlimited calls

Unlimited calls

Within the Humans network

Share cashback with friends

Share cashback with friends

and get double the amount

Everything with a human touch


Humans offers a VISA bank card with an account in UZS which is unique to Uzbekistan. Use your Humans card online and in stores throughout Uzbekistan and worldwide. You don't need cash anymore, you can pay for anything and everything with your Humans card.Humans cards are free of charge and we won't charge you any fees for our service or SMS updates, either. What's more, you don't need to keep a minimum balance on your account to enjoy our services.You can top up your Humans VISA card commission free from anywhere in the world – all you have to do is fill in your details on our website or on our аpp. It's easy to transfer money to your Humans card and you can top it up with VISA, MasterCard, UzCard, HUMO, MIR or any other foreign bank card.
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Extra benefits with Humans VISA cards

Everything with a human touch


We're the first in Uzbekistan to give you cash back every time you spend. Get cashback bonuses every time you spend. From shopping, paying for your bills, or buying services to paying for state fees or fines.
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