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We are Humans:

The first SuperApp where you don't need to pay for goods and services

this is a single application where you need not to pay for what is important. For example, unlimited internet, a card, transfers to loved ones, or even for new TV or iPhone

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Communicate freely:
unlimited calls or fully unlimited package

Unlimited calls for just 17 000 UZS and fully unlimited package for 67 000 UZS

Attractive pricing on what’s important to you

Free on-net calls

Works everywhere, even in subway

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With Humans app

0% commission for transfers from UZCARD to UZCARD

And also from card to card of ANY other bank

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Free and instant transfers within Humans by phone number

0% commission for transfers between Uzcard, HUMO and Humans VISA cards

Transfers from Russia to Uzbekistan with no commission

Earn on regular payments

Pay for services like utilities, internet and mobile services, traffic fines, loans and other categories within the app and get cashback from every payment.
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A card you don't have to pay for

It will give you back at least 2% cashback on every purchase

Earn with every purchase

Get cashback for your usual purchases and spend it on communication, unlimited internet, vanity number and gadgets

The main things about HUMANS Visa

VISA card with UZS account

Free service

Pay without commission

No bank deposit requirements

Fast card issue and delivery

Cash withdrawal

Virtual Humans VISA card


Products and services for cashback

What to exchange cashback for

You can use cashback for Humans communication services and unlimited internet, a vanity number, or exchange it for a smartphone, watch or TV

Get a smartphone or services
Buy a gigabyte package
Pay for Humans communication services
Buy a vanity number
Unlimited Youtube
Unlimited Instagram
Unlimited WhatsApp

How to get cashback

You can get cashback for routine actions in the app: when you fund your account, store money on it, or spend it on purchases.To get your first cashback, make a purchase in Humans and we will give you cashback for it.

Pay for purchase
Connect Humans communication services
Top up Humans account
Keep money in Humans account
Buy a vanity number
Transfer money
Calculate your cashback in Humans

Share cashback

In one click, you can share your accumulated cashback with another Humans user.This way you can make communication free not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones.Share cashback with each other and save to your smartphone.

Best customer support in Uzbekistan

24/7 Support

Our service is always ready to help, regardless of time or day of the week

Best customer support service in Uzbekistan

We like to help, for which we received the award for the best customer service in Uzbekistan

We will answer in chat and by phone

Choose the method that suits you best. We'll reply anywhere anytime

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+ UZS 1 000

Download the app, link a bank card and get a bonus

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