About us

We are Humans

##People Typically, 'About us' sections are all about how businesses come about and how companies develop products. Our story is about people.

As that old saying goes, a business is only as good as its employees. Good people make companies successful. At Humans, we count ourselves lucky to have 200 top professionals on our team drawn from all over the globe. People that have come together from New York, Warsaw, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tashkent, Singapore, and Minsk.

Two hundred people building a digital future to transform people's lives.

##Beliefs We are a creative hub, a place where we generate ideas to make our fellow humans' lives better. With a refreshing absence of bureaucracy, we've created an environment where ideas and individuals can grow and flourish.

Humans is a place where everyone has a voice and is encouraged to express their opinions openly and give and receive honest feedback.

We are a fair, open, and honest company, and everything we do is inspired by what we believe in.

##Humans’ Origins In 2016 we came up with an idea to develop a new website that could connect people through their interests, skills, and experience.

That idea evolved over the last four years into something so much more. Humans.net is now a platform where you can buy, sell, advertise, employ, or find work, and it has over 300,000 users in the US alone.

Our platform is free of charge for users. Not only that but we also share a portion of our advertising revenue with them. Giving back and rewarding our customers for their loyalty is part of our business model and something we firmly believe in.

In early 2019 we started working on an exciting new app combining straightforward financial services, an honest-minded cell phone carrier, and a convenient payment system with various goods and services.

June 16, 2020, marked the release of our HUMANS.uz app in Uzbekistan. Our users can now earn bonuses and multiply them by sharing these bonuses with friends. Customers can use rewards to buy special offers and upgrades that they can't buy with cash. One of these special offers gives users free, unlimited data, calls, and messaging forever.

##Evolution Our team is working on an extended version of the app, allowing customers to make commission-free money transfers, and use their smartphones to go shopping or pay their bills. Users can earn cashback, get personalised discounts, and choose mobile bundles to fit their budget.

We believe that this is what all financial, cell phone, and online shopping services should be like. We look to the future with confidence that our Super App will meet our clients' needs worldwide. We're currently working on releasing our app in the US, while simultaneously starting a new project in Germany.

We will continue developing exciting projects in the financial, telecommunications, healthcare, and data transfer sectors, transforming people's lives and businesses. Everything with a human touch.