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Humans clients will now get cashback for using mobile services


Humans clients will now get cashback for using mobile services

Great news!

We give 15 000 UZS as a cashback bonus to all new clients who would join Humans till 15 May 2021. Now you can spend your cashback on mobile services packages or an unlimited app available in our mobile services calculator. You can also purchase a custom phone number or extra minutes and gigabytes.

What is cashback?

Cashback can be best described as your bonus UZS that are accumulated on your cashback account, which you receive for certain activities related to Humans services. You can use your cashback to pay for Humans mobile services.

How to earn cashback?

You can receive cashback for the following:

  • 15 000 UZS when joining Humans till 15 May 2021
  • 10% of the cost of activated mobile services package
  • 10% of the cost of activated offers such as ‘0.5 gigabytes’ and ‘100 minutes’
  • up to 20% of the payment for goods and services via app
  • 5% of the purchased custom phone number
  • up to 5 000 UZS when sharing bonuses with friends
  • 100 UZS every day when you’re using Humans mobile services such as calls, SMS or mobile internet access

You can receive cashback for several of these qualified activities simultaneously. Cashback will be debited to your cashback account the next day. There is no limit to what amount of cashback you can earn.

How can I use cashback?

The updated version of the app provides even greater flexibility in managing your cashback account. To start using Humans cashback, please do the following:

  • download the latest version of app
  • open the app and go to Mobile section
  • make sure that your cashback card appeared in the top part of the screen
  • you will see a banner about paying for mobile services with cashback; click ‘Learn more’
  • you will see detailed information on the new screen and a switch to use cashback
  • turn on the switch to start using cashback when paying for mobile services

mobile carrier

You can use cashback to pay for mobile services fully or in part. When automatic use of cashback is activated, cashback account will be the primary source of payment. If you don’t have enough cashback, the remaining amount will be deducted from your main account.

Cashback payment in full

full payment

Partial cashback payment

partial payment

How to track cashback transactions?

Click on the cashback card in Mobile section to turn on/off the automatic payments from your cashback account as well as check the cashback transaction history.

Learn more here.