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Clone phishing sites: How to protect yourself and not lose money


Clone phishing sites: How to protect yourself and not lose money

Jahongir is the head of a large family. He has recently received a text message with a proposal to log into his HUMANS account as soon as possible and get a cash prize. Jahongir was happy and remembered all the purchases he had been putting off for a long time due to a lack of money.

A link was attached to the message. Jahongir followed the link and saw this website:

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Jahongir wondered if this was the HUMANS site. The logo seems to be the same, and the design is similar, but why log in to your account on some other site if there’s an official app? And what's this winning thing? Isn't it a scam?

Jahongir didn’t enter his number, and he was absolutely right. Even the smartest ones get caught, so be careful. This is a clone site, or a so-called phishing site — an attempt by scammers to get your personal data to steal money.
If you enter your phone number on such a site, you will receive a text message with the following text:

*“Someone is trying to register your number +998333251405 in the app. If it’s not you, do not share the code:***-218 with anyone.”*

If you enter this code, you will be prompted to enter a password to log in to HUMANS. And if you leave all your data on such a site, scammers will get access to your account and steal all your money.

Does it happen often?

Phishing is one of the most popular methods of Internet fraud in Uzbekistan. This is natural, because the more electronic payments and transfers there are in the country, the more people who want to benefit from them. In 2023, more than 5 500 online crimes occurred in Uzbekistan, with the number increasing more than 50 times since 2020. 

With the help of links to fake sites, scammers try to get your logins and passwords, bank card details and money, ID card details, and verification codes. 

How not to fall for scammers' tricks

The most important thing is not to enter your account phone number and password anywhere but the HUMANS app! Even the smartest ones get caught, so be very careful!

Do not follow links

Do not follow the links that you receive allegedly on behalf of HUMANS via SMS, messengers or social networks from unknown numbers. Only links published in the official channels of the company are verified and safe.

Website design

Compare the fake website design with the official HUMANS website: Since phishing sites don’t live long (they are usually quickly detected and blocked), they are often made very quickly. Therefore, the buttons and links on such a site may not work, and the text may contain spelling errors.

Link (URL)

Pay attention to the link itself. The full official address of the HUMANS website is Do not open links that differ from it in any way. Don't forget to check the connection security of the link — “https” must be in front of the site address. 


"Secret payouts" are a scam

A scam link is often accompanied by some sort of enticing promise to encourage you to click on it. Don't believe the words about "secret lump sums," "cash winnings," and other overly tempting offers supposedly on behalf of HUMANS. All promotions and giveaways are published on our website and in our social media accounts. 

If you doubt whether this is a scam or an official company message, contact our support team at 1234 or chat at

Even a link from your mom

Even if a close friend or relative sends you a link, don't click on it. He or she could also be a victim of fraud.

What should you do if you have entered your data?

Contact the HUMANS support team at 1234 as soon as possible and reset your HUMANS account password with the help of our specialists. It’s important to reset the password through the support team.