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Dangerous gift: fraudulent ads for a free Telegram Premium subscription


Dangerous gift: fraudulent ads for a free Telegram Premium subscription

ardor is Jahongir and Feruza's son. Recently, he was chatting with friends in a Telegram chat, and a friend sent him a link to a Telegram bot. He said that he saw an ad that you could get a free one-year subscription to Telegram Premium from HUMANS. Sardor thought that maybe he could try his luck and take part in the draw.

So Sardor followed the link to the Telegram bot and saw the following message:

2 ru blog tg

Sardor got excited: he could stop paying for Telegram, put an emoji status next to his name, and post stories! Besides, it all looks like a promotion from HUMANS. Sardor clicked on the Telegram Premium button. The bot asked him to enter his phone number, SMS code, and password from his HUMANS account.

Sardor wondered why enter his number and password. What if it was a scam? He blocked this Telegram bot and was absolutely right. This was not a HUMANS ad — these were scammers. If he had entered his data, all the money from his HUMANS account and the cards linked to it would have been stolen.

Telegram Premium from HUMANS is a scam

Scammers are more and more often using Telegram Premium as a way to get your data and passwords from the app. This scam became popular immediately after the launch of premium accounts in June 2022. 

Scammers become especially active during the holidays — gifts for Mother's Day or Christmas Eve, especially on behalf of a major brand, are more trustworthy. At the same time, compared to 2023, there were twice as many frauds around Telegram Premium.

How to identify scammers

HUMANS does not do Telegram Premium giveaways and does not use Telegram bots to give away prizes. All promotions in which Telegram Premium is supposedly given away on behalf of HUMANS are fraudulent.

All our promotions are published on and on our official social media accounts:

To notify our clients about new promotions, we send an SMS from our official numbers and notifications in the official app.

Fraudulent bots on Telegram

Telegram bots are used not only for fraudulent drawing of premium accounts. Scammers can lure you with promises of payments, gifts, and discounts to make you enter your phone number and the code as soon as possible.

If you see an incredibly lucrative offer — an iPhone for a third of the market price or free Telegram Premium — don't try to take advantage of it right away. Before acting, consult with your friends and family, check the HUMANS website, or call our support team at 1234.

Do not enter your data

We never ask you to enter your password anywhere other than the official app. If you are forced to enter your phone number and password somewhere else in any way, it is a scam. If you do this, your money will be stolen.

Here’s an example of a fraudulent Telegram bot:

1 ru blog tg

Login from a new device

When someone logs into your account from a new device, we always send an SMS code. Please read the message carefully.

If you are not currently logged into the app from a new device, but the code has arrived, it’s likely that scammers are trying to log into your account. Do not enter this code anywhere, and do not share it with anyone.

What to do if you have already entered your data

Contact the HUMANS support team at 1234 as soon as possible to reset your HUMANS account password.

Warn your family and friends about the fraudulent ads!