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Advertising fraud with a money prize from HUMANS: how to protect yourself from scam in social networks


Advertising fraud with a money prize from HUMANS: how to protect yourself from scam in social networks

Feruza is a mother of five children and Jahongir’s wife. She’s recently been browsing Instagram to take a break from household chores when she came across the following ad:

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Feruza was confused and decided to consult Jahongir — what if they could really win a car? He said they were scammers. Feruza didn’t follow the link and didn’t enter her data.

In a few days, Feruza saw a similar ad and accidentally clicked on the link in Telegram. She started receiving the following messages:

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This time Feruza knew what to do. She immediately blocked this Telegram bot and reported it. 

This is the right move. If Feruza had followed the link to the fraudulent site or entered her data directly into the Telegram bot, the money from her account would have been stolen.

Nothing sacred

You may try to get caught even by mentioning Ramadan and other holidays. Remember, scammers do not follow any moral rules, they will not be tormented by conscience. They will use anything that can arouse your trust.

How to identify scammers

Pay attention to the account where the ad is placed. Usually it’s a hastily made profile without subscribers and with mistakes in the description.

Only official HUMANS accounts in social networks can be trusted. Here are the links:

We have no others! If you see a message supposedly from HUMANS in any other accounts — it's a scam.

Where promotions take place

HUMANS never uses Telegram bots to draw prizes and does not ask you to enter your data anywhere but the official app. 

We send SMS from our official numbers and notifications in the official app to notify you of new promotions. 

Besides, all our draws are published in HUMANS social media accounts and on our website

Promotions from our employees are a scam

Our employees do not have exclusive access to any giveaways. All promotions are on behalf of the company only, not individual employees. 

Here are some examples of fraudulent advertisements:

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Important to remember

Scammers always promise loads of money, offer to try your luck and rush you as much as possible. Their goal is to make you forget about caution and enter your data in a hurry. 

If it's a prize draw that lasts 24 hours or even less, it's definitely a scam. 

If you see an incredibly lucrative offer, don't try to take advantage of it right away. Before acting, consult with your friends and family, check the HUMANS website or call our support team at 1234.

Do not click on links

When you see such messages — do not follow the links attached to them. They lead to fake sites or Telegram bots that aim at stealing your money. 

Do not enter your data

If you have followed a link to a fake website or Telegram bot, do not enter your phone number and password from your HUMANS account. We never ask you to enter your password anywhere other than the official app. If you do, your data and money from your account will be stolen.

When someone logs into your account from a new device, we always send a message with a code to your phone. Read the message carefully. If you already have the app and you're not currently logged into it from a new device, and the code arrives, it's likely that scammers are trying to log into your account. Do not enter this code anywhere and do not share it with anyone.

What to do if you have already entered your data

Contact the HUMANS support team at 1234 as soon as possible to reset your HUMANS account password.

Warn your family and friends about the fraudulent promotion!