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Fraudulent Telegram bots: how not to fall for a scam


Fraudulent Telegram bots: how not to fall for a scam

Nigina is Jahongir and Feruza's daughter. Recently, after school, she was scrolling through Instagram and saw an ad for daily bonuses from HUMANS. Nigina got happy and followed the link to the Telegram bot.


What happened next was weird: the bot asked Nigina to enter her phone number, the password from her HUMANS account, and the SMS code. Nigina remembered that a similar situation had recently happened to her brother, Sardor. She asked him for advice on what she should do. Sardor said no to enter her data under any circumstances. He was right: all the money on Nigina's HUMANS account and on her parents' linked cards would be stolen.

How to identify a fraudulent bot?

Here are a few signs that will help you identify a fraudulent bot:

  • Mention of HUMANS. HUMANS never conducts draws or prize giveaways via Telegram bots. If you encounter such a bot, you can be sure that they are scammers.
  • Scam tag. Any bot, account, or channel that has been reported on by a large number of people has the tag. So never trust them.


  • A bot promising easy money. For example, it pretends to look for your number in a secret database of government payments. Or promises bitcoins if the digits of your phone number are "lucky". If someone’s trying to make you rich without asking for anything in return except your number and the SMS code — don’t trust such messages.
  • Complicated name/typos in the name. Scammers like to pretend to be well-known companies, including HUMANS. So they come up with complex bot names, for example, Humans_Uz_Premium.

What else do bots lure you with?

One of the most popular scam schemes is bots that offer a free Telegram Premium subscription, allegedly on behalf of HUMANS. To get it, the scammers ask you to enter your phone number, your HUMANS account password, and the SMS code. Never share this data with anyone!

HUMANS never draws a Telegram Premium subscription. If you enter your data in such a bot, scammers will steal money from your HUMANS account and the linked cards.

How to protect yourself on Telegram?

Do not trust social media ads — they can easily turn out to be a scam. If someone you know sent you a suspicious message with a link, contact them in another way and find out if they did send you anything.

Scammers often text all contacts from a stolen account, asking them to transfer money or provide their details.

Scammers often try to scare or promise something favorable: they warn about suspicious transactions, promise to write off all loans and debts, or even "give money". Do not believe such promises.

Do not enter your data

We never ask you to enter your password anywhere other than the official app. Never enter your HUMANS account password and an SMS code into a Telegram bot.

Block the bot

If you find scammers, report on them to protect less experienced Telegram users: click on the chat name, then click on the three dots icon → Complaint → Other. After that, clear the chat history and block the bot.

What to do if you have already entered your data

Contact the HUMANS support team at 1234 as soon as possible to reset your HUMANS account password.

Warn your family and friends about the fraudulent ads!