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Humans founder outlines big plans for Uzbekistan


Humans founder outlines big plans for Uzbekistan

Today, Humans held an online press conference to promote the upcoming launch of In attendance were mass media journalists, bloggers, and social media influencers. The CEO and founder Vladimir Dobrinin outlined his plans for Uzbekistan and talked a little about Humans as a company and its products and benefits.

'We are Humans, a company where service is the most important thing for us. "Everything with a human touch" is our slogan. We love to innovate and come up with things that have never been done before. And we've done that. A combined banking and mobile phone services solution. Everything you need, on one handy app, enthused', Vladimir Dobrinin.

Revealing a little more about this groundbreaking app and Humans product features, he continued, 'From 18 August, you can pay for a custom phone number in installments, choose a personalized mobile plan, and take advantage of free calls, internet and messaging'.

What's more, customers across Uzbekistan will now have unlimited access to free Telegram, 'even if they have zero credit on their balance and are not using any other services'. Humans banking also has some great benefits offering commission-free money transfers. 'It's quick and easy. Just drop into any Humans outlet and pick up a bank card in 2 minutes ', said Dobrinin.

Humans have just released the first version of their app two months ahead of their banking and mobile phone launch to 'give everyone in Uzbekistan the chance to make the most of our bonus-referral program'. Under the terms of this service, customers collect bonuses that they can use to purchase a whole range of 'never seen before services' said Dobrinin.

Transparency is really important to the company and they plan to share company news, updates, and insights on this blog and across social media channels. 'This is just the beginning for us', said Vladimir.Dobrinin. 'Exciting times lie ahead and our plan to give our clients unlimited access to Telegram signals what we are trying to do. Provide first-class services and excellent value for money. We want to change the face of the industry, not only in Uzbekistan but around the world', smiled Humans CEO.

Humans. The Human touch.

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