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How scammers deceive our users


How scammers deceive our users

In the past few years, various types of scams have become a global trend around the world. There are some HUMANS fans among the scammers. They create fake pages of our website, Instagram account, Telegram channel, and SMS messages.

One of the most popular types of fraud is phishing. The goal of phishing is to gain access to users' confidential data: logins, passwords, bank card details, and ID data. How do they do it? 

They lure people with tempting offers: to get a low-rate loan or compensation from the government, participate in a giveaway, or get a free product from the company.

Offers are advertised via social networks, YouTube, and even sent via DM and SMS. If a user clicks on a banner or link in a message, they will be taken to a website specifically designed to collect data. The website will be very similar in design to the HUMANS website and mobile app. This is done on purpose to give the user the feeling that they have gotten to the real website to enter their account login details there.

WARNING: HUMANS does not have a personal account on the website! There’s only a mobile app, which can be downloaded from AppStore and GooglePlay, and only there you can perform operations. Don’t install the app from unknown sources!

What scammers want

In most cases, it's all about money. To withdraw it from your account, they usually ask for:

  • bank card details
  • SMS code
  • email, phone number, and other data

How to protect yourself from scammers pretending to be HUMANS

If you get a message via a messenger or social network asking you to follow a link and enter some data, do not follow the link! We never contact clients via direct messages.

If you did follow the link and got to the website, check its URL carefully. You can google "official HUMANS website", and the first result in the search most often leads to the official website of the company. Follow it and compare the design and URL. Phishing site URLs or accounts tend to have typos or extra characters. Go to the social networks (links to them are located in the footer) and check if they work, because often on phishing sites the social network icons don't lead anywhere.

You can also check if a website is phishing by using special resources such as

If you see a promo banner that mentions HUMANS, don't jump to click on it! We always publish information about promotions, giveaways, or just news on our social networks and app. Check our official channels to see if such a promo is really being held.

If you did enter your data on a fraudulent website, reset your password to the app as soon as possible by contacting customer service or by clicking the "I forgot password" button. Important! The new password must differ from the old one, as the old one is known to the hackers.

HUMANS official addresses:


Telegram channel: 

Instagram account: 

Don’t follow suspicious links, don’t enter your data on phishing sites and accounts.