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Money Transfers from Russia to Uzbekistan with Cashback and No Commission


Money Transfers from Russia to Uzbekistan with Cashback and No Commission app now offers the possibility to transfer money from a Russian bank card to a Humans account using a Humans phone number or a card number.

● No commission is charged for the transfer ● From each transfer, 0.25% cashback is credited to the recipient’s account ● The transfer amount will instantly appear on recipient’s Humans account, where additional cashback is accrued on a daily basis at the rate of 35% p.a.

The cashback received can be spent on Humans mobile service. That way, communication services may be free for Humans clients.

How do I make a transfer?

  1. Download the latest version of the mobile app.
  2. At the top of the screen, go to the International transfers section.
  3. Choose the transfer method: by a Humans phone number or a Humans VISA card number.
  4. Enter the recipient’s Humans phone number or a card number.
  5. Enter the transfer amount in UZS. (Here you can see the amount to be received on the recipient’s account and the amount to be debited in Rubles.)
  6. On the page appeared, enter the details of the card issued by a Russian bank from which you want to transfer the money.
  7. Confirm the transfer.

After that, a new screen will appear showing the message of successful money transfer.

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How can I spend the money?

Money received is immediately available for payments with a Humans VISA card for purchases in Uzbekistan and around the world (both in offline and online stores). It may also be transferred to Uzcard or HUMO cards, as well as withdrawn as cash at ATMs anywhere in the world.

Recipient’s Cashback: 0.25%.
Transfer Commission: 0%.
SMS Notification of the Recipient about the money transfer: free of charge.
Amount of one-time transfer: from 14 thous. to 9 mln UZS (the number of transfers is unlimited).
Month Limit: 100 mln UZS per one recipient.

Go to the app: Google Play and App Store.

Rules of the promotion for earn cashback for international money transfer