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The number of Humans active clients exceeded 1 mln


The number of Humans active clients exceeded 1 mln

Six months ago, in November 2020, Humans started providing paid services. Humans now has over a million of clients who used the paid services in the last three months.

The company has entered the market with several products in a single mobile app, offering mobile services, a free Humans VISA bank card and a payment service.

Unlimited internet traffic and unlimited access to mobile apps have quickly gained popularity among users in Uzbekistan. Free and unlimited Telegram access for everyone who purchased talk time or data packages was one of those. Therefore, by now, over 85% of Humans users have unlimited internet access.

Humans clients are able to pay for goods and services of over 5,000 partners via mobile app, while the Humans VISA bank card is accepted in over 400,000 POS terminals all over Uzbekistan. In the last 6 months alone, Humans clients have made over 1.5mln purchases using mobile app and Humans VISA bank cards totalling over USD 6mln.

In May 2021, Humans launched its full-fledged cashback service, with which Humans clients can now earn cashback and spend it on Humans mobile services. By now, more than 850,000 clients have spent over 1 billion of bonus UZS in the app and received free mobile services worth that amount.

“We are making sure that the typical ways our clients are using mobile services and paying for other services in the mobile app will be even more beneficial to them”,

\– said Vladimir Dobrynin, founder and CEO of Humans.