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Changes in tariff plans operating in Uzbekistan


Changes in tariff plans operating in Uzbekistan

The cost of voice calls to the following short numbers of content providers will change from October 28, 2021: 1001, 1004 – UZS 200 per minute; 1009 – UZS 1,000 per minute; (71) 2000100, (71) 2000505 – UZS 400 per minute; (71) 2000101 – UZS 1,000 per minute.

When providing the ‘Number change’ service, it is possible to change your number for 20 times during the term of the Contract. The General Billing Principles are added as follows: ‘If on the 29th day of each month the following conditions are met:

a) the client does not use paid Services for 60 or more consecutive calendar days;

b) there are no debits from the Client's Personal Account for 60 or more consecutive calendar days;

c) the Client does not have a connected Tariff Package or Option, a subscription fee amounted to UZS 12,000 per month is charged. The subscription fee is charged monthly until the balance on the Personal Account is 0. The accrual of the above subscription fee is not considered as the use of a paid Service or debiting from the balance of the Client's Personal Account, as provided in subparagraphs a) and b) above.

There are changes in the terms of the service ‘Provision of a Special Category Number’, namely ‘at the time of debiting the next payment for the service, the Personal Account should contain sufficient funds to pay for the corresponding period of the service. If the Client does not pay within 30 (thirty) calendar days the cost of service for the current period, the service will be terminated (the service is considered not provided from the date of the beginning of the unpaid period of the service). Therewith, the Client will continue to receive service using the Subscriber Number allocated to the Client initially after entering into Contract, or another number, at the discretion of the Provider. The transition will take several days. The Client will be informed about the date of transfer and the subscriber number to be used to continue the Client’s service under the Contract in an SMS message or in the Appendix.’ ‘Tariff plans operating in Uzbekistan’ considering the changes specified will be published on the Operator's website on October 28, 2021.