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HUMANS mobile plans have become even more cost-effective!


HUMANS mobile plans have become even more cost-effective!

We are happy to announce the updated line of plans: now there are more of them, and they have become cheaper and more convenient.

We have added packages for 30 days: 600 minutes for 12,000 UZS, as well as 6 GB for only 12,000 UZS and 2 GB for 10,000 UZS. The 4GB package is unavailable for subscription.

The 90/180/360 day packages have also been updated with new options: 1800/3600/7200 minutes + unlimited internet.

Additional options have become cheaper: for example, 300 minutes now cost 10,000 UZS instead of 12,000 UZS, 1 GB can be purchased for 8,000 UZS instead of 10,000 UZS, and for 14,000 UZS you get 600 minutes instead of 500 minutes!

Unlimited Night now costs only 3,000 UZS or 2,000 UZS depending on the package. And we are excited to introduce a new 25GB option for 33,000 UZS.

So, if you activate the 6 GB + 600 min + Unlimited Night package, it will cost you only 27,000 UZS, and not a sum more.

Use our mobile service calculator to choose your package on the HUMANS website and activate it in the app.

After all, only you know how many minutes and gigabytes of internet you need. And we know how to make them cheaper!