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The more the merrier: share your bonuses with friends and we'll give you double in return


The more the merrier: share your bonuses with friends and we'll give you double in return

It's always good to have plenty of friends. You can share the most precious things with them. This is what we want here at HUMANS — to bring joy with our app so that you can share it with friends. That's why we've worked out a referral program, in other words, the instrument for you to share things.

First, you need to install our app for yourself and add your banking card by Uzcard or HUMO. For doing it we give you 5000 UZS in bonuses. You are free to use it the way you like, even to cash out one day, but the smartest way of using your instant bonus is to send a bit of it to your friend or two.

Send from 1000 UZS to 5000 UZS to someone close to you. When they install the app and add a card they get not just a welcome bonus amounting to 5000 UZS but also the sum that you sent them. As for you, we'll double the money you sent to your friend and bring it all back to your account. 15 friends joining HUMANS will make you additional 75000 UZS to spend after August 18th on our special offers. And we don't limit the number of friends you invite to our app, as well as there is no limit for the bonus you get.

Why we do that. That's a good question. We desire a brighter future for our app in Uzbekistan, we want it to be truly popular. Instead of wasting money on marketing we'de better spend most of our budget on you, the users. You make use of our app together with friends, pay for services with it, buy goods in it, get cashback, meanwhile we listen to your comments, improve it every day, make it bigger as your bonuses grow. That's a human touch when it's a win-win situation for everyone but most importantly for you.

And one more thing. Accumulated bonuses can be cashed out once HUMANS bank is up and running in August. This also proves that we are serious about our intentions to conquer this market. Our ambitions are huge, the same for our plans. We are the first superapp of our kind. We made the referral program with a human touch we are proud of.