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Unlimited Telegram. Forever


Unlimited Telegram. Forever

Time to talk about our special offers. They are truly unique mostly because you can't buy them for cash. Accumulated bonuses are the basis of our referral program, though it's possible to amass huge cashback from card operations.

One of the major offers we have is unlimited access to Telegram. You need 500 000 UZS to have it. Just imagine the Telegram secured messenger for free forever, even if you have a zero balance or don't pay for any other services of your subscription plan. Just open the app and chat.

This is how it goes, no pitfalls. It's a lucrative deal that still no one can offer in Uzbekistan. But it's a limited one, you need to amass and get it before we launch the mobile operator and the HUMANS bank. When it happens, the whole line-up changes and you can spend bonuses on something different but no free Telegram available since then. Telegram is a huge thing in Uzbekistan, it shaped the Internet consumption routine in the country. We know it and let its population get they dreamt of.

For our company is an opportunity to give a one-of-a-kind type of product. Users will have to actively use the HUMANS app starting from the very release. What's the profit? We save on many aspects including rent, overall marketing, targeted ads, etc. We invest in our users and know for sure that they get the useful thing to recommend.

Time to get a free Telegram forever for you as well!