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Technology with a human touch

HUMANS in Asaka

HUMANS is not just a mobile network, it’s a connection between people. With us, you will always be close to those who you love. You will always be aloqada.

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How to find us

Our offices are located in shopping malls and chain grocery stores. We will immediately issue a SIM card and HUMANS Visa card for free.

Sales and top-up points:

Asaka, J. Manguberdi ko'ch., 36 uy, mo'ljal: Dehqon bozori, Juma machiti, "Korzinka Asaka"

Asaka shahri, Asaka tumani, Baynalminal MFY, I.Buxoriy ko‘chasi.

Stay aloqada

Transfer money, pay for services, call your family and friends, get cashback — all in one app. With HUMANS you are always in touch.

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