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With Humans, you get cashback for everything – not only for top-up and purchases, but also for keeping money in your account.

You can earn enough cashback to have Humans mobile service free of charge.

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It's even easier now to earn cashback with Humans:

Cashback for purchasing a service package

Utility and other services

Uzmobile (GSM)
MJKO Water
GUBDD fines

Top services with cashback

Receive cashback when topping up or keeping the balance as well as spending your money – and get mobile services for free

Unlimited services for cashback

You can use your cashback to pay for mobile services package. Your cashback bonus won't expire and can be used anytime.

Custom phone number

You can use your cashback to pay for a custom phone number fully or in part.

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*Preliminary calculation for a timely renewal of a service package after its expiration. Does not constitute a public offer.

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