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HUMANS cashback:how to earn and spend

With HUMANS you can receive cashback every day for:

  • spending money within the app;
  • paying for mobile services;
  • buying with your Visa card;
  • keeping money in the account.

And get calls, mobile data, or gadgets for free.


We came up with a way for you to reduce the cost of mobile services even more or use them for free

Just use the cashback you receive in the HUMANS app to pay for mobile services.

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Smartphone, watch or TV?

Get anything you like by spending the cashback you've earned from spending with your HUMANS Visa card, when paying for services within the app, or for keeping money in the HUMANS account.

Our clients have earned over 160 bn UZS worth of cashback

How to earn cashback

You receive cashback for usual activities


Within HUMANS app

get cashback instantly

For purchases within the HUMANS app
up to 20%
When paying for utility bills, mobile services and internet
For public services payments
For top-ups with bank cards from Russia


For calls and data

get cashback the next day

For instant service package renewals
For service package renewal after the end of the period
For the first purchase of a service package, minutes or gigabytes
For getting a custom phone number


With HUMANS Visa card

get cashback instantly

Partner retail and promotions
up to 25%
Makro, Korzinka and Baraka Market
Any shops in Uzbekistan
Online stores


With HUMANS account

get cashback the next day

For keeping money in the HUMANS account

It's easy to calculate how much cashback you will earn. 35% annual rate shall be divided by 365 days to get a 0.0959% daily rate. By multiplying the account balance by the daily cashback rate, you will get your daily cashback amount.

Imagine you have 1 000 000 UZS on the HUMANS account. You will receive 959 UZS of cashback per day — that is 28 767 UZS per month.


Within a calendar month, a HUMANS client can receive up to 250,000 UZS of cashback for making payments. This limit does not include cashback transfers from other HUMANS clients and cashback for keeping money in the HUMANS account.

How to spend cashback

On HUMANS mobile services

Your cashback can cover up to 100% of the cost of mobile data or calls, so you get them with a discount or completely free.

  • Log in the application on the Cashback card screen.
  • Click Use cashback.
  • Sorted!

Your cashback will now be used to pay for HUMANS mobile services.

For example


On smartphone, watch or TV

If you have saved up enough cashback, you can spend it on any gadget in the HUMANS app — that is, get the gadget for free.

  • Go to Cashback purchases page within the HUMANS app.
  • Select the gadget you like and click Order.
  • You will be contacted to place an order.
  • The gadget will be delivered within a few days.

For example


Transfer to your loved ones

Every month you can transfer your cashback to other HUMANS clients.

  • Go to Transfer cashback page in the app.
  • Find the recipient by HUMANS phone number and enter the cashback amount you want to send.
  • Click Send.



You don’t have to pay for a smartphone

Spend your cashback on it

How much cashback you can earn

Calculate cashback amount you can earn and learn what can you get for it.

Cashback calculator

Renew the service package instantly



+ 0 uzs

030 00060 00090 000120 000

Keep in my HUMANS account monthly



+ 0 uzs

04 000 0008 000 00012 000 00016 000 000

Transfer the money from Russia to Uzbekistan monthly



+ 0 uzs

018 000 00036 000 00054 000 00072 000 000

Monthly payments for utility bills, mobile services, and internet



+ 0 uzs

0100 000200 000300 000400 000

Other monthly spendings



+ 0 uzs

02 000 0004 000 0006 000 0008 000 000

Your cashback amount:

0 UZS /mo.

Please enter higher spendings to see what you can afford on accumulated cashback.

*Preliminary calculation based on timely service package extension after its expiration. Does not constitute a public offer. Full description of the promotion action

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