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Super VIP
Unlimited calls and unlimited internet: 45 000 UZS for every 30 days
Communication is more than just technology. It’s a connection between people. In Uzbekistan, we call it "aloqada", which means to keep in touch, to be connected.
At HUMANS, we have united all the services you need to make it easier for you to stay aloqada. They turned out to be more accessible in one app than separately, and some of them are even free.
Choose what you need: from free Super Zero to unlimited Super VIP
Free services with
Super Zero
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Free services with Super Zero
  • Free mobile services with no monthly fee: 20 minutes of calls to HUMANS numbers and 33 MB for Telegram — every day.
  • Money transfers between any cards with a 0% fee, including Uzcard—Uzcard transfers.
  • Free access to the HUMANS app without spending traffic: pay for purchases, transfer money, top up your balance, or contact the support team.
  • Access to third-party payment services and banking apps also consumes no traffic.
Super VIP:
unlimited everything
Super VIP:
unlimited everything
  • Unlimited calls
  • Unlimited internet
  • Increased limit for fee-free transfers
Most flexible
and transparent plans
Most flexible and transparent plans
At HUMANS, you choose how much you pay for mobile services a month: from totally free services to unlimited everything.
Save on roaming
Save on roaming
Take advantage of affordable mobile services abroad when you go on vacation or business.
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